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  • Fruit Foam Net
  • Fruit Foam Net
  • Fruit Foam Net
    • Fruit Foam Net
    • Fruit Foam Net
    • Fruit Foam Net
    Fruit Foam Net
    red, yellow, blue, white or as your request
    between 3cm to 12cm
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    Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao port
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    Fruit Foam Net

    It is mainly used as the package of the fruits in growing season and in supermarket.They can protect the surface of the fruits avoiding any damages in transit and during period of display in sales field.


    1) reduce injuries during transport and growing time

    2) Keep fresh much long time

    3) Looks more beautiful when the fruit and vegetables showing in supermarket


    1. Light weight and soft

    2. Shockproof

    3. Impact resistance

    4. Stable property, Tasteless and non-toxic

    5. Avoid water be lost

    6. Antistatic available

    7. Low price with high quality

    8. Quality and environmental protection, effective protection set of cushioning packaging net.

    9. It is widely used for protecting delicate objects and precision parts away from damage and loss through manufacture, storage and transporting.


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    1. 0 to 40 times higher foaming forming products, light weight, have certain robustness

    2. Softness and buffer sex good, unchanged by repeated impact its characteristics

    3. Insulating thermal conductive rate is very low stays very well

    4. Independent air bubble foam material, almost no water imbibitions of waterproof material, have very strong buoyancy

    5. It is not affected by all kinds of weather conditions, not affected by the corrosion of various drugs, corrosion resistance is very good

    6. It has a good sound and vibration control effects

    7. Cutting, gluing, laminating, vacuum forming, such as compression forming the processability of excellent

    8. Through processing to produce flame retardant, antistatic products

    9. Products can be recycled, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, the production process does not produce any pollution, is a clean environmental protection product.


    1)Used for protecting all kinds of fruit, such as apple/ peach/ tomato/ melon/ pomegranate/ nectarine/ kiwi fruit/ avocado/ passion fruit/ watermelon/ orange/ grape etc

    2) Also can be used for all kinds of vegetables, such as squash, yams, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, etc.

    3) The fragile (bottles, porcelain, glass, eggs, etc) is also need.

    4) To protect the rose flower

    5) Packing for some precision instruments

    6) Other thing’s packing


    Product name  Fruit Foam Net Bag
    Material  EPE,100% New Materials,Environment-friendly,Recyclable
    Color  red, yellow, blue, white or as your request
    Width between 3cm to 12cm
    Thickness 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm.

    5cm-40cm. If the length you need is longer than 30cm, the net can be 

    made in roll. Then you can cut it by yourselves.

    Type common side, one side tapered, two sides tapered
    Sample Free sample can be sent to you at any time, sample lead time:1-3 days.
    Information needed for accurate price  Length,Width and Weight (or GSM) 
    Packaging terms  Plastic bags or Carton Boxes to pack or as per customer's requests.
    Shipping port  Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai port 

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    The regular size of fruit foam sleeve net:

    No. Size Weight Quantity (pieces/ bag) Main use
    1 10cm*7.5cm 1.2g ±2g 480 apple, mango, pear, avocado, etc
    2 12cm*7.5cm 1.4g ±2g 420 Mango, lemon, apple, pear, peach, wax apple
    3 15cm*7.5cm 1.8g ±2g 300 apple, mango, pear, passion fruit etc 
    4 30cm*10cm 3.6g ±2g 100 watermelon and other bigger fruit
    5 20cm*7.5cm 2.2g ±2g 240 apple, mango, pear, peach, papaya, wine bottle, etc
    6 25cm*7.5cm 3.0g ±2g 180 apple, mango, pear, peach, grape, wine bottle, etc
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