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  • Anti Bird Net
  • Anti Bird Net
  • Anti Bird Net
    • Anti Bird Net
    • Anti Bird Net
    • Anti Bird Net
    Anti Bird Net
    100% virgin HDPE with UV Treated
    White, Green,Blue,etc (as per required)
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    Anti Bird Net

    Ideal for many garden uses including protecting fruit and vegetables from birds; also suitable for fruit cages, chicken and poultry runs, deer fence.

    UV Stabilised and Rot Proof

    Lightweight to help prevent damage to crops

    Also ideal for ponds and general debris preotection

    Anti Bird Net Advantages

    PE material and anit-bird net item anti-bird netting for fruit is made of HDPE, with the advantages of transmittance, high antioxidant activity, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, long use time, etc. By building artificial isolation barrier and excluding the birds outside, anti-bird netting can protect fruits from the harm of birds’ pecking. Moreover, it can also effectively prevent the spread of avian diseases. It has been widely used in farmlands and orchards growing grains, fruits, green vegetables and tobaccos to prevent birds’ pecking.

    1) 100% HDPE virgin material

    2) UV stabilized and Anti-oxidant,anti-aging.

    3) Long life, light and fold easily

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