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Product List
Shade Net
Shade Net is used in Horticulture and Floriculture ,Garden and Nursery,Green House and Shade House,Tea Garden etc.
Insect Net
Insect Net main concept of design: insect control, shading and good ventilation provide wonderful atmosphere. Easy cleaning with water. Eco-friendly material.
Packing Net
Net Bags, Packing Net, Fruit Packing Bag, Vegetable Packing Bag, Fruit And Egg Packing Net, Fruit Foam Net
Growing Bag
All round or square garden bag, ideal for general garden use. Complete with extra strong handles and made from woven polyethylene. Easy to use with handy large opening and free standing. 
Safety Net
Safety net made from HDPE,the material with high strength and durability. Prevent the construction material falling down to harm the people or things under the building. Environment-friendly,soft,anti-aging,corrosion resistant,worm resistant,cold resistant,etc.
Anti Bird Net
Ideal for many garden uses including protecting fruit and vegetables from birds; also suitable for fruit cages, chicken and poultry runs, deer fence.
Laundry Products
Laundry mesh polyester washing bag, mesh laundry bag with different sizes