Discerning Method Of Mesh Bags

Discerning method of mesh bags

Mesh bags are commonly used for loading and transporting vegetables and fruits. Because of the large market demand, easy operation and low cost, many manufacturers are producing mesh bags, which make the supply of mesh bags exceed the demand.

In order to increase the sales of mesh bags, many manufacturers adopt a low-cost competition, making the quality of mesh bags can not be guaranteed, the difficulty of purchasing will increase, it is necessary to first observe the entire mesh bags, to ensure that there is no jumping needle, floating thread and no return needle, the chain method of sewing together, sitting in the folding, cutting edge using hot-melt knife cutting. There are no loose edges. The bottom of the bag is single woven or double woven, and the width of the bag edge is 2.3 + 1cm.

Secondly, in natural light visual measurement mesh bags wholesale products, fold width with accurate to 0.1 cm steel ruler measurement, the bag edge no significant irregular concave, color of the same batch of products should be no significant difference, string bags should be regular, no significant distance misplacement, prohibit significant pollution.

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Discerning Method Of Mesh Bags